Autism Alerts

Your Sheriff’s Office and local first responder agencies in Vermilion Parish recognize the challenges that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can bring to a family when one of their loved ones are diagnosed. Therefore, we have partnered with other first responder agencies to bring about more awareness on this very important topic. Some families may simply just need to know where to start and how to get information and resources when a loved one has been diagnosed. Other families may encounter unexpected difficulties when a family member is diagnosed and must learn how to adjust their lives to ensure that the diagnosed member can live effectively in home, school, or community settings. Creating a database identifying the homes in Vermilion Parish where an autistic person resides can provide valuable information that would not otherwise be known to a first responder when handling a call for service. Utilizing this important information may also help the family feel more comfortable if a call for service is needed. We believe that the exchange and sharing of this important information between first responder agencies and autistic families can help make a safer environment for all involved.
Request for information to be placed in computer system.

I am requesting that the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office enter the following information into thier computer system to alert public safety responders of an autistic family member living at the residence listed. The following information may also be shared with other local law enforcement agenciess including Vermilion Parish Communication District 911. I also understand that someone from the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office will contact me to verify that is information is accurate before the information is added to the computer system. I will notify the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office in writing if this information changes or is no longer needed.

Name of Legal Guardian:
Name of autistic individual:
Individual's date of birth:
Individual's sex:
Individual's race:
Individual's physical address:
*The other information field is optional, but it is a good place to list conditions and sensitivies.
Other Information:

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